Burger Kitchen Kitchen Nightmare

Learn what happened when Gordon Ramsay visited Burger Kitchen and learn about why Burger Kitchen closed.

Burger Kitchen featured as a Los Angeles, California eatery on Season 5 Kitchen Nightmares. Check back for updates on the next chapter.  Owning a hood cleaning business has been one of the greatest jobs I have ever had.  I love going into different commercial kitchens to see how the owner/manager keeps the kitchen.  I have many restaurants I will never go to because of how dirty the kitchen is.  Burger Kitchen Nightmare 5

Burger Kitchen Episode Recap

Burger Kitchen has been in business for only 16months, but the restaurant already faces serious problems from a warring family.

Alan Saffron couldn’t afford to open the restaurant and so used $250,000 inheritance money from Daniel Saffron.

His father took the money from his Grandfather as part of a million-dollar inheritance. The money was not his permission to purchase a restaurant.

Alan does not consider Daniel to be a partner, he makes important business decisions without telling Daniel.

Gordon arrives, and is impressed at the central LA spot on trendy 3rd Street. He also likes the interior.

He sits down for a chat with Jen (and Alan) who tell him they have been open for 16 years and are currently losing $6000 a month.

Gordon asks the Burger Kitchen staff why they blame Burger Kitchen because they constantly change their chefs and server, but also numerous menu changes and a Yelp conspiracy.

Alan believes Yelp has destroyed the restaurant by deleting all five star reviews and only leaving negative comments.

Alan admits to his son’s hostility towards him, and tells Gordon the food is a 4/5.

Gordon orders a variety, including the California or Cowboy Burgers. He also chooses an Australian meat pie and medium rare burgers.

The food was disappointing. Both the burgers tasteless, are hard to eat, and come with disappointing buns.

David and Alan are challenged to cook fresh burgers, the Redemption Burger.

Gordon stops by Daniel’s house while they cook the burgers. Gordon learns that Wendy and his family had an argument and that they don’t respect Wendy.

Gordon tells Alan that he believes Wagyu beef is better than it sounds. Alan also tells Gordon he wrote a biography about his father.

Daniel is sent to the service at night to help with the front line. The food leaves the kitchen quickly and they don’t cook properly.

David is like a lion in the headlights. He becomes frustrated by the ticket drama and threatens Daniel.

David returns, not to complete the service but to get the money he owes. David owes $1000. David does not want another cheque.

Jen and Alan think they don’t even have $1000. Jen offers them to pay him the next-day, but he refuses, telling them he isn’t even sure they will open the next.

Wendy, Daniel’s partner in the business, informs them that he has stopped contributing more cash. This leads to another argument.

Gordon invites them all to a theater and calls in the Yelpers to debunk Alan’s conspiracy theories.

Yelp’s Community Manager is available to Alan, along with many diners who have posted Yelp Reviews. Alan insists that the reviews are authentic.

Alan is informed by Yelpers who offer constructive feedback. One poster reports that he received his response from Alan and was greeted with a barrage if emails.

Alan threatened Yelp reviewers and threatened them with reporting one to the LAPD Hate Crime Division.

Ramsay talks to another restaurant owner about Yelp. Ramsay says that he should accept the criticisms, learn from the mistakes and move on.

Gordon’s next challenge is family relationships. Daniel reveals that these problems are caused by mistrust and money taking.

Burger Kitchen Nightmare 15Alan stated that Daniel put $250,000 from his money in and Alan put $250,000 from his. Daniel however reminds Alan that Daniel didn’t put that money in and that Daniel was not allowed to use the money.

Gordon offers a new recipe for hamburgers using fresh ground beef in place of the Wagyu beef they had been using.

The menu has been shortened and updated. You will find new burgers and side dishes, such as a new lamb pate and vodka battered onion rings.

They will also be creating their own homemade barbecue sauce. The new menu has been well received by staff.


Gordon surprises everyone by revealing that the restaurant will be filled with writers from Urban Spoon, Chow, Yelp, and other major review sites.

Daniel has a great start. However, Alan is too busy in the kitchen distracting Daniel.

This results in food for the Chow tables being sent back as undercooked. Gordon also loses the item. Alan asks Daniel to take over the cooking and allow Daniel to do the rest.

Gordon tells them Daniel did an amazing job on the relaunch. Alan says Daniel does a great work running the restaurant.

Jen and Alan both promise to let Daniel handle the restaurant’s operations without interference.

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The ownership of the restaurant was changed in August 2011, and by October 2011, the new branding, a smaller menu, new team and management had taken place.

Yelp reviews remained negative and customers reported not being able to order any of Gordon’s burgers.

A sign advertising for lease appeared at the restaurant in January. The restaurant was closed in February.

Comment Section

This episode makes sense when you look into the story of the grandfather, and the fathers’ book tour.

But there’s more. Although the grandfather left Alan some money, Danny got it back. Who is the more powerful SATAN?

I felt so sorry for the son. It’s not like others who feel pressured or forced to give their families money. His dad just took his money.

I wish Daniel would have brought charges for his money theft. His father was an afflict.

The truth is that, despite being spiteful and arrogant, the mother has prescription drug problems. Take a closer look at her eyes. This is the reason David was so firm about the hole Prozac, and she was defensive about it. You should also be aware of the way she plans the remodel, looking for items she could make a quick buck on. My biggest concern was that the parents were not able to afford everything, but expected the boy to. Pay attention in the restaurant to the financial argument. They knew he was holding $160,000 in the bank. The parents are manipulating thieves, who want the inheritance money. They are the worst. If my son reads this, then I hope he will accept the kind words of someone who understands what he is going though ……… Get rid of them and let them be their own damnation. You are in control of your life. Good luck.Burger Kitchen Nightmare 13

He had probably endured a lot by this time. Narcissists often pressure the sane into acting as they would not otherwise. He was about the 20th cook since they opened 18months prior. This is what law enforcement considers a clue. It had nothing at all to do either with him or with them.

I watched it. I hope the father ends in prison. A manager of someone’s trust account doesn’t necessarily mean you have to take all your money and invest it in your project. Because of how much they took advantage of their son, the mother and dad couldn’t get along. I was surprised that there was no mention of the son as a half owner. It was nice that they said they didn’t have to make the son pay because he had 160 Grand, but they also wanted him paying the chef’s wages. After it became clear that Ramsey had swindled their child’s money, I think the parents didn’t deserve any respect.

It’s incredible that that place was able to last as long. I’ve never seen anyone so out-of-touch with reality. Jen and Alan appear to be in need of mental health professionals. The father should have sued the son to recover the quarter of a billion dollars he stole. The chef was their only witness to the truth.