Three Great Restaurants Found in Clearwater, Florida

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A lot of people think that you have to go to one of the major cities in Florida if you want to have any fun. For example, Tampa or Miami. I have lived in Clearwater for a very long time, and even though it is not a tourist trap with tons of things to do, it is still an amazing town. If you have stayed or visited Clearwater more than once, then you will know that it is one of the best towns in Florida for foodies. This only means that it will draw in more people who like to do food reviews, like me.

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One of the most important restaurants that comes to mind first is Crispy Cajun. Located in Close your eyes for a second and imagine your favorite restaurant in Clearwater. What does the restaurant do so well that keeps you coming back? A lot of people just eat at restaurants for the food, but whenever I eat out anymore I will always want the full experience. There has to be a great atmosphere, with waiters who treat me well and are there when I need them. In addition, it can’t cost me too much.

After all, I still have to be able to afford the meals for every other day of the week. I’ll always have a sweet spot in my heart for the food at Crispy Cajun, because I love Southern food so much. If you have ever eaten Southern food, then you know that Jambalaya can be either amazing or terrible. Considering the fact that I have never not ordered it from Crispy Cajun, you can infer that it falls into the former category. I’ll get to the food in a bit, but I really want to talk about atmosphere.

The servers don’t wear tuxedos and there are no gold-plated napkins, but you still get a general happiness whenever you eat in Crispy Cajun. You will never have to shout over the other customers, and although the colors are simple but attractive. Some restaurants try really hard to be unique, they’ll put up weird abstract that just looks like a big multi colored blob. I appreciate that the management behind Crispy Cajun was able to to create a happy atmosphere without trying too hard.

A lot of restaurants in Clearwater struggle with that, and I think that it is a particular skill to be good at. Nature versus nurture. There are plenty of restaurants near Sunny Grove in Clearwater, but I have to say that Crispy Cajun is one of my favorites. Even if you can manage to find a Cajun restaurant that serves equally great tasting food, I assure you their portions will be a lot smaller.

It’s always nice to be able to take home leftovers, especially if you have elderly people living with you or kids who don’t feel like going to dinner. The servers are also very good at their jobs, and they are really good at preventing any disasters before they can happen. For example, there was this really cranky old man sitting at the table across from mine and he had an allergy that the chefs were not aware, so he was going on this epic tirade about how bad the chefs were.

It was only one or two minutes before the server got him to calm down, and I am glad that they did. Other restaurant staff will be too passive and only anger him further, but he was acting normal again in no time. All of these things combined with others produce both a positive experience for your customers, and positive online reviews from them in turn. 

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Next up, I want to talk about Pearly’s Beach Eats. This Mexican/seafood restaurant is located right on the Clearwater beach, and I am always listening to the other customers talk about how beautiful the nearby scenery is. Just make sure you bring the sunscreen, because it does not take long at all to burn on this beach. You’re a lot closer to the equator than a beach in Canada, for example. Assuming they even have any.

The menu here is very diverse, because you have Mexican food on top of seafood and sandwiches. It’s usually tough for me to decide what to order, because there are at least five different things on the menu that I could keep coming back to regularly order. Last time I ate at Pearly’s Beach Eats I had the Baja bowl, because I kept hearing about it in so many amazing online reviews.

I just had to try it for myself. Nevertheless, I was extremely satisfied with it. You don’t have to have any specific tastes to eat at Pearly’s Beach Eats, you just need to harbor an appreciation for the finer things in life. Like food.

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Last but not least, I have to review Nauti-Nancy’s. The dessert beignets alone are enough to keep me coming back here, and that’s not even an entree! All of the top restaurants in Clearwater have clean kitchens, but Nauti-Nancy’s has on advantage over the others: it’s close by to our location in Tampa, which means that they are never too far away from a clean kitchen and exhaust hood. There are far too many other restaurants in Florida that overlook this important aspect of the restaurant industry, and it puts both your staff and your customers at risk. Nauti-Nancy’s does have great food and service, but it is also abundantly clear how much the staff prioritizes sanitation.

Our website is, and if you click now then you will be one step closer to having another key point to advertise about your restaurant. Make sure to already be in the neighborhood of Drew & Park Plaza in Clearwater, or you will be the direct opponent of anyone else who is craving some amazing fish spread. No matter ho many friends I bring to this restaurant, each one of them has positive things to say about it after we leave. But in the format of positive reviews. Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it.